IIAT Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

Numerous opportunities for volunteer service exist within IIAT.

About IIAT volunteer leaders

Volunteer leaders continue a long tradition of service from talented people who have, since 1898, contributed their time and energy to the success of IIAT and the independent agency system.

Each year more than 100 volunteers define the activities that will help IIAT members succeed. These volunteers work within a structure established by the Board of Directors which has ultimate responsibility for the work of the organization. Included are standing committees, advisory councils and task forces. 

  • Standing committees are composed mostly of board directors.
  • Advisory Councils are populated with members who represent segments of the membership needing a voice with the board.
  • Task Force members are selected based on experience and expertise in the subject addressed by the task force.

Volunteer leaders are selected for service each year by association officers. The volunteer service structure includes the following:


  • Budget and Finance
  • Volunteer Development

Advisory Councils

  • Account Managers
  • Agency Managers
  • Life & Health
  • Small Agency
  • Trusted Choice
  • Young Professionals
  • Associate Members

Task Forces

  • Trusted Choice Golf Classic
  • Windstorm Insurance

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Advisory Councils

Task Forces

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