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  • 85th Session of the Texas Legislature Wrap-Up

    Please read on to find a list of important insurance bills from the 2017 Texas Legislature. We have attempted to provide a concise overview of the bills of interest to IIAT members and to the insurance industry overall. Those listed below are just a small sampling of the over 1,200 bills passed during the 85th Legislative Session. All 6,600+ bills filed can be reviewed by visiting www.capitol.state.tx.us and entering the bill number or word phrase relating to the legislation.
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  • 85th Legislature Update

    The bill filing deadline for the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature has passed with over 6,000 bills filed. It has been a busy time for the IIAT Governmental Affairs team. IIAT has testified on a number of important bills including many of our key issues for the session. SB 10 and HB 1774, the TLR litigation reform bill, or “hail bill,” has been voted out of both the Senate Business & Commerce and House Insurance committees. Action is pending on both floors and we will continue to work with the various stakeholders supporting the common sense changes proposed. IIAT’s other key issues include SB 562 / HB 1559, our surplus lines freedom bill; SB 417 / HB 647, our notification of coverage change legislation; and SB 1283 / HB 3018, the TWIA reciprocity bill. All bills are moving through the committee process. Other bills of interest to the insurance industry this session include the “distracted driving” bill, SB 31 / HB 62, as well as a number of “balanced billing” bills in the health insurance field.
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  • IIAT Legislative Luncheon Series – Fall 2016

    This fall, Governmental Affairs Director, Lee Loftis, has been crisscrossing the state to provide local IIA chapters with updates on the legislative environment in Texas. Luncheon topics include: actions taken by TDI, 2015 legislation implementation, 2017 statewide issues, and 2017 IIAT issues.
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  • Save the Date: Big “I” Legislative Day – January 31, 2017

    On Tuesday, January 31st, IIAT members will descend upon Austin to join the organization’s Governmental Affairs Team for Big "I" Legislative Day.
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  • 2017 Key IIAT Legislative Issues – 85th on the Horizon

    With just 83 days remaining until the start of session, IIAT has been meeting with key legislators and staff to discuss the independent insurance industry’s legislative agenda.
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  • Big “I” Responds to USA Today Editorial: Don’t Privatize National Flood Insurance

    Recently, USA Today invited the Big“I” to submit the opposing view to an editorial from the paper critical of federal flood insurance, saying it should be privatized. You can read the response published by USA Today and penned by Bob Rusbuldt, Big “I” president and CEO, here.
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  • International Insurance Issues Take Center Stage

    In a recent article in Independent Agent magazine, Big “I” Federal Government Affairs Counsel Jennifer Webb reported that before leaving Washington, D.C. ahead of the November elections, members of Congress raised concerns about the potential insurance impacts of international regulatory discussions.
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  • TWIA Agent Bulletin: Flood Insurance Requirement Change

    Recently, TWIA and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) received important feedback about the flood insurance requirements from policyholders and the agent community. The feedback centered on the interpretation of TDI Rule 28 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §5.4904, that any repairs which required a certificate of compliance (WPI-8) would then trigger the flood insurance requirement. That requirement has changed.
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  • 85th Legislative Session Preview: Litigation Reform

    IIAT's Governmental Affairs team recently got an early look into one of the issues that will most certainly be addressed when the 85th session of the Texas Legislature convenes in January. The sides have been drawn and it is clear that insurors and trial lawyers have a plan in place when dealing with litigation. At issue is the fact the plans are very different.
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  • Louisiana Citizens Ousts Non-Resident Agents

    The Louisiana legislature just completed their 2016 legislative session. In most Texas agencies, this was not big news. However, if you happen to be a nonresident licensed agent in Louisiana, who happens to have placed business with Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, it is a big deal.
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