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The IIAT Leadership Academy focuses on seven key leadership topics:

  • The Leadership Imperative: Participants will understand the key distinction between contributors, managers and leaders as well as the leadership role they play and how they develop their own leadership style.
  • Strategy: Participants will be introduced to a pragmatic strategic planning process and the key tools associated with the process including execution, progress tracking and success measurement.
  • Negotiating and Influencing Skills: Participants will build and practice a five-step model for selling others on products, services or ideas.
  • Performance Management: Participants will develop the interpersonal and team-building skills needed to effectively manage their own behavior and facilitate the collaborative behavior of others to accomplish agency objectives.
  • Strategic Financial Management: Participants will be introduced to analytical tools needed to use accounting information to plan, control and make decisions.
  • Marketing, Branding and Customer Service: Participants will learn how to develop brand image, loyalty and equity and will learn how to better manage the customer experience.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Participants will be introduced to the various phases of M&As, conducting effective due diligence, and executing successful integration.
Session I
Session II
Session III
Topic Professor Topic Professor Topic Professor
1 Wed AM The Leadership Imperative 1 * Whittington

Strategic Analysis 1 Fodness
Marketing: Branding Wysong
2 Wed PM The Leadership Imperative 2 
Strategic Analysis 2
Marketing: Customer Service Wysong
3 Thu AM Influencing Skills for Effective Sales Dilla Performance Management Dilla The Leadership Imperative 3

4 Thu PM Interpersonal Effectiveness Maellaro Building Teams Maellaro
Strategic Financial Management Whittington

5 Fri AM Negotiating: Win-Win Dilla
Mergers & Acquisitions Bondurant Class Summary ** Whittington
* The 360° Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI Self and Others) will be completed prior to beginning the program. During this session, participants will receive individualized report of results and interpretation guidelines.
** Recommended to tie all learning together with the creation of personal action plans and to celebrate completion with distribution of certificates.

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