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The opX Master Agency Certification Program

Building a Continuous Improvement Culture

Taking the journey to build a LEAN culture will be a rewarding experience. Such a culture depends on these primary common characteristics:

  • Customer Focus
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Empowered Employees
  • Simplicity
  • Improvement
  • Visualization

Program Results:

  • A vision & documented plan for your Agency
  • Definition of behaviors and accompanying exercises that reinforce the desired culture
  • High-level process-flow mapping and tools to continue process mapping across company
  • Metrics development & alignment across company
  • Dashboard/Visual Work group boards to use for measuring improvement
  • Baseline and measurement tool for workforce strength
  • Tools to implement to instill a continuous improvement culture

To Become Recognized as an opX Master Agency:

  • Demonstrate proof agency is using the tools and measuring results
  • Present a tour/virtual tour of agency adoption of tools
  • Prepare an annual Plan of Action

Beginning the opX Journey

It always begins with leadership.  Our work will begin with:

  • Define servant-leadership
  • Define & align goals & metrics to be customer-focused
  • Clarify very specifically behaviors that support lean values

1st Session includes:

  • Vision, mission, goal alignment, core values, guiding principles, and brand
    • Why do you exist?
  • Servant-leadership exercises
    • Includes defining “continuous improvement” culture behaviors
  • Identify leadership talents & strengths
  • High-level metric development
  • High-level process flow mapping
  • Personalized goals and focus

Prior to the workshop, we will:

  • Conduct Kolbe Indexes that will help with designing programs and understanding your talents & strengths

Schedule & Time Commitment

It is expected that participants commitment to a year of development in order to complete the opX program. This is a self-driven program that blends both an workshop instruction environment with a focus on personal goal setting. 

The Program includes:

  • 4 retreats defined below
  • Employee Engagement Survey 2019
  • Continued support on Kolbe & StrengthsFinder
  • 1 customized in-agency visit from Marit Peters
  • 3-4 book clubs based on group’s interest
  • Will bring in additional experts to compliment learnings
  • 1 Free Registration to Joe Vincent 2020 (value $400) 
  • On-going individual coaching from Marit Peters

2019 Schedule

Feb. 24 & 25, 2019
1 1/2 Day Retreat
IIAT Office, Austin

Apr. 28 & 28, 2019
1 1/2 Day Retreat
IIAT Office, Austin

July 28 & 29, 2019
1 1/2 Day Retreat
IIAT Office, Austin 


Nov. 3 & 4, 2019
1 1/2 Day Retreat
IIAT Office, Austin 

  • Roll-Out Program Objectives
  • Define the Right Outcomes: Measurements & Expectations
  • Generate the Leadership Mindset
  • Measurement baselines
  • Understand Talents
    (Kolbe A and B, strengths finder)
  • Kick-off "First, Break all the Rules" book-club
  • Learn Problem-Solving Tools/Dashboard Management
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Dashboard/Visual Work group board model
  • Baseline Behavioral expectations across company for values
  • Review Survey results
  • Understand team talents & strengths (Kolbe As,Bs,Cs)
  • Establish Structure & predictability
  • Begin "Culture Code" book club
  • Reinforce tools & skill sets (focus on strengths)
  • See it come together
  • Share Successes & challenges
  • Stay on Course
  • Continue Measuring
  • Develop agency dashboards and practice problem solving
  • Maintain structure & predictability
  • Build & reinforce continuous improvement tools (problem-solving)
  • Build plans to finalize goals for 2020

Graduating from the opX Program

 Successful completion of this program results in the agency certified as 
"An opX Master Agency". This will include:

  • Completing a graduation interview of understanding of concepts and appropriate application
  • Design a Plan for 2020
  • Attend the graduation ceremony at the January 26-28, 2020 Joe Vincent Management Seminar.
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In order to determine your agency's qualification for the opX program as well as investment required, please contact Marit Peters at 800.880.7428 ext. 122.