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IMPACT is the political action committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas. By contributing to IMPACT, you are supporting pro-business candidates who are looking out for agents’ interests in the Capitol. All of the money raised by IMPACT is contributed to candidates and campaigns that support the independent agent network.

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Deadline for contributions to be recognized at Insurcon is
Monday, June 1, 2020.

Contribute with a Check or Over the Phone

Download a Printable Contribution Form
Please make personal checks payable to:

P.O. Box 684487
Austin, TX 78768.

Contact Jill Douglas at 800.880.7428 to pay over the phone.

Recommended Contribution Club Levels
Millennium - $5,000 | Platinum - $2,500 | Gold - $1,000 | Silver - $500 | Bronze - $250

  NOTE: IMPACT is prohibited by law from accepting corporate contributions. Investments may be made via personal or partnership check/credit card AND the following business entities may contribute via company check/credit card:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) with no corporate partner members of their LLC
  • Limited Partnerships (LP’s) or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s) with no corporate partner members of their LP or LLP
  • Partnerships with no corporate partners members of their Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship with no corporate partner members of their Sole Proprietorship

 Contributions to this campaign are not deductible for tax purposes. Consult your tax advisor.



Jill Douglas

Director of Development