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InfoCentral is your direct source for insurance policy analysis, answers to tough coverage questions and specimen forms and endorsements.

InfoCentral delivers fresh information, updated as fast as changes occur that affect your business. It's easy to find what you want with the powerful, easy-to-use advanced search engine.

In InfoCentral you'll find:

Policy Coverages

17 lines of insurance are examined in this section, with two or more different types of policies in some lines. Actual policy language is displayed alongside a clear explanation of the wording and links to additional resources that relate to that portion of the policy.

Technical Reports

This section contains more than 300 articles that answer common coverage and claims questions on 17 lines of insurance.

Forms and Endorsements

Specimen forms and endorsements for 22 different policies are explained and available for viewing in this section.

Client Communications

Articles in this section have been prepared by the technical staff at IIAT to answer common questions asked by your clients and consumers.

Editorial Staff

  • Technical Editor
    • Jim Gavin, Director of Insurance Information Services
  • Contributing Editors
    • Regina Anderson, Manager of Technical Services
    • David Surles, CPCU, RPLU, AAI