Naming Your Agency

In addition to requirements for notifying TDI of a change in agency name, there are rules governing the selection of a name. These rules were established to prevent agents from using misleading or deceptive names.

No name will be approved if such name states or implies that the agent is:

  • an insurance company;
  • a motor club;
  • an HMO;
  • an expert in the area of investments, tax shelters, financial or real estate planning, or computer programming;
  • affiliated with or sponsored by a government authority;
  • a public interest organization seeking to educate consumers or perform research for the public's benefit;
  • in some line of business other than the insurance business; or
  • entitled to engage in insurance activities not permitted under the license held.

Certain words and phrases used in agency names will be scrutinized by TDI, and could result in disapproval of the name if these words are used in a deceptive or misleading manner. The words include:

administrator consultant federal plan
adviser consumer financial adviser referral
agency benefit government research
America broker group reserve
American cooperative HMO savings
analyst corporation incorporated senior
assigned risk counselor indemnity service
associate compensation company social security
association consultant insurer state
assurance consumer insuror statewide
company co-op investment Texas
benefit benefit investor trust
broker corporation medi- United States
bureau counselor mortgage U.S.
care county guarantee U.S.A.
city credit union national veteran
company department nationwide  
compensation deposit insurance no fault