Certificates of Insurance Procedures

  • Do not issue or sign certificates on policies issued by alternative markets such as surplus lines and MGAs - request these certificates directly from the wholesaler.
  • Establish a master certificate when a policy is issued or renewed, or when the first certificate on an account is requested. Complete Certificate of Insurance Checklist and submit to supervisor for approval.
  • When insured or third party contacts agency to request certificate, open client file and master certificate document. Determine appropriate ACORD form (Certificate, Evidence of Property Insurance, etc.)
  • Complete Certificate of Insurance Checklist.
  • If an endorsement to the policy is required, REFER TO POLICY CHANGE PROCEDURE.
  • If certificate involves a special request (nonstandard form, unusual wording, form modifications, etc.), contact carrier for permission to deviate from standard form. Document file with name of person spoken to, date, and time, and follow up in writing.
  • Issue certificate and forward to all parties of interest.
  • Follow carrier procedure for distribution of certificates. Send a copy to the carrier even if it has told you not to.