Sample Letter-Claims Handling

We’re sorry it happened to you.

We want you to know what to expect now that you’ve had the misfortune of suffering a loss.

The Claims Process

The loss you reported has been sent on to your insurance company for handling. They are responsible for making the determination of whether your policy will apply to this claim and the amount that may be paid.

The Time Frame

Most claims are settled quickly, however there may be additional information the insurance company must request from you in order to process your claim. If you have not been contacted by the company within the next 72 hours, please call our office.

Your Part

Please respond promptly to any communication you receive from the insurance company or our office. This will help speed the claim process. Keep copies of any documents that may be important to settling your claim, such as police reports, receipts, or notes of conversations.

Our Part

One of the most important reasons to do business with XYZ Insurance is the assistance we provide when you’ve had a loss. Please feel free to call us at any point in the claim process. We’re here to help!