Implementing an E&O Loss Control Program

Attending an annual seminar about E&O loss prevention is not enough to change the outcome for the agency. Just as we expect our customers to develop and implement effective loss control programs, so must we develop and implement our own program to control E&O losses.

Step One:

Complete the self-audit and determine which areas of the agency’s operations require the most immediate attention (see How to Conduct a Self-Audit).

Step Two:

Appoint an E&O Loss Control Manager who will have responsibility for implementing and monitoring the program and who will take the lead in the event of an E&O claim.


Step Three:

Hold a staff meeting to launch the program and explain that E&O is a major concern for the agency.

Step Four:

Establish written procedures for each core business process (see Read This First for a list of processes included in this guide and see How to Develop a Procedures Manual).

Step Five:

Monitor compliance with established procedures and determine appropriate action to take in the event of non-compliance.