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Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Use Payroll Processing 

Did you know that many independent insurance agents are unknowingly giving money to their competitors? Are you? An estimated 45 percent of an agency's commercial clients outsource their payroll and most payroll companies now offer insurance to your clients.You could even be unintentionally funding your competition if your agency outsources its payroll to one of these companies. 

IIAT Advantage business partner PaySphere is a payroll processing company that provides cost-effective, easy to-use payroll processing that can save your customers time and money. You can be confident in know PaySphere WILL NOT compete with you for insurance business!

PaySphere offers the best of both worlds for you and your clients.

You get:

  • Peace of mind knowing that PaySphere insulates your clients from big payroll companies that will take your insurance business away; and
  • A commission on thepayroll processing fees.

Your client gets:

  • A cost-effective, comprehensive payroll solution;
  • The relationship, guidance and personal support from their local insurance agent.
See how Paysphere’s payroll services improves your productivity by simplifying the time-consuming task of payroll processing and payroll tax filing


For more information, visit the PaySphere website or call IIAT Advantage at 800.880.7428
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