Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the IIAT Job Board’s pricing compare to other job board pricing?

    IIAT’s 30 day job posting fee is $150 and includes resume database search access. The average cost for a 30 day job posting is $350 and this does NOT include search access. Typical search access cost ranges from $750 for localized boards up to $1800 on large national job boards and in addition to the 30 day job posting, as these are often marketed as two separate products.

  2. What is the benefit of using a niche job board as opposed to a large, general job board?

    Large, general job boards generate so much traffic that you are often inundated with responses, most of which are from candidates who are not qualified for your position. This creates a huge bottleneck, resulting in inefficient recruiting processes. With a niche job board, you can be certain the candidate is interested in the insurance industry. Also, candidates attracted to the job board are more likely to have relevant experience as compared to candidates attracted to a larger, more general job board.

  3. Why should I not worry that my employees will use this job board to seek new employment?

    Dissatisfied employees often have tardiness and absenteeism issues, higher health costs, lower production, and low morale which is toxic to the team environment. In addition to the fact that you may not want to retain these dissatisfied employees, most will have several alternative avenues for job-hunting, including personal contacts with other agencies and carriers as well as a glut of job boards such as Monster, Career Builder and Craig’s list to name a few.

    Lastly and most importantly, IIAT’s recruiting efforts are focused on attracting new talent to our industry or responding to relocations and downsizing rather than assisting movement between members. When an applicant applies to a job on the IIAT Job Board, the applicant acknowledges a statement indicating that an employee of an IIAT member agency should not use this job board unless their employer is aware of such, as their anonymity cannot be protected.

  4. What if I want to post my job longer than 30 days or purchase multiple job postings?

    Various job posting packages are available through the IIAT Job Board to accommodate those members who would like to post for longer than 30 days and bulk package pricing is also available. For a complete list of products and rates, visit the job board.

  5. Do any of the local Independent Insurance Agent associations offer employment services?

    Yes. The local associations of IIA Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Tarrant County provide recruiting services. They can help you find your next employee through their employment services which often include prescreening and interviewing assessments. To find out more please visit the IIAT Career Center under Is Your agency In One of These Areas?


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