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Join the people who keep business and industry alive. . . and the economy moving. Choose a career as an independent insurance agent. As an independent insurance agent, you will make a difference in your community by helping businesses and families survive, recover and prosper.

The insurance industry . . .

  • Is essential to the economy. Without insurance, businesses would not run and families would not be able to get loans for their homes. Insurance protects the things that are important to us and stimulates the economy by encouraging the growth of many other businesses.
  • Offers a stable career with room for growth, as insurance will always be in demand.
  • Employs more than 2.6 million people in the United States.

The Independent Insurance Agency System offers a unique niche in this rewarding industry.

As an independent insurance agent . . .

  • You represent several insurance companies and offer an array of policies that provides the consumer with one-stop shopping for a full range of insurance products.
  • You offer all of this in the most efficient and profitable manner by using the latest technology.
  • You are an important part of the insurance industry as a whole, providing an indispensable link between the company and the consumer. The industry relies on the agent to shape, deliver and service insurance policies.
  • You help your clients daily by creating financial security and, if necessary, helping them make a new start after a loss – getting them back into their homes, their business, or back on the road.
  • Many independent agencies own their businesses. As small business owners, agents offer a unique working environment and the opportunity to operate outside of insurance company management. This allows you greater autonomy in working toward personal success and benefiting directly from your own hard work, since pay is increasingly tied to performance.

Because insurance is so important to the economy and our way of life, the industry requires the service of millions of educated, talented and motivated men and women. It offers exceptional career opportunities to those who have a strong desire to succeed and who enjoy diverse challenges and interactions among a variety of businesses and individuals.

The career options available in the independent agency system are as diverse as the products offered. While insurance sales (producer) and customer service (account management) are the first and most common career paths, the insurance industry employs many other occupational groups.

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