Insurance Code Licensing References

Chapter 4001: Agent Licensing in General

4001.002: Applicability and Exceptions 
4001.003: Definitions
4001.051: Acts Constituting Acting As Agent
4001.052: Solicitor of Application for Insurance Considered Agent of Insurer
4001.053: Personal Liability for Acting as Agent
4001.104: Intent to Actively Engage in Business
4001.105: Issuance of License to Individual
4001.106: Issuance of License to Corporation or Partnership
4001.201: Appointment Required
4001.205: Appointment of Subagent

Chapter 4002: Examinations

Chapter 4003: License Expiration and Renewal

Chapter 4004: Continuing Education

Chapter 4005: Conduct, Disciplinary Actions, and Sanctions

4005.001: Authorization to Charge Fees for MVRs, Photos and Other Services
4005.053: Rebating Prohibited
4005.054: Providing Fire Insurance in Excess of Value Prohibited

Chapter 4006: Disability Probation of Agents

Chapter 4051: Property and Casualty Agents

4051.051: General Property and Casualty License
4051.101: Limited Property and Casualty License
4051.151: Insurance Service Representative
4051.201: County Mutual Agent License
4051.251: Agricultural Insurance Agent
4051.301: Registration of Home Office Employees
4051.351: Termination or Suspension of Agent Contracts
4051.401: Personal Lines Property and Casualty License

Chapter 4052: Life and Health Insurance Counselors

Chapter 4053: Managing General Agents

Chapter 4054: Life, Accident and Health Agents (including HMO)

Chapter 4055: Specialty Agents

Chapter 4056: Nonresident Agents

Chapter 4101: Insurance Adjusters

Chapter 4153: Risk Managers

Chapter 981, Subchapter E: Surplus Lines Agents