Trusted Choice®

As an IIAT member, you are also a member of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA), or the Big "I." You are encouraged to explore how you can use the Big "I" Trusted Choice brand and Pledge of Performance to help you market your agency and products.of using independent agents.

Contact Trusted Choice® with questions at or 800-221-7917.

What is Trusted Choice®?

Trusted Choice® is more than a logo, tagline or advertisement - it's a brand created exclusively for Big "I" members to help individual consumers differentiate the services provided by independent insurance agents and brokers. This ground-breaking consumer branding program is making great strides towards putting independent agents at the top of insurance consumers' minds through an aggressive national and statewide advertising campaign.

The Trusted Choice® brand positions your agency as the place where customers can find:
  • Choice of insurance companies
  • Customization of insurance policies to meet their specific needs
  • Advocacy through support and assistance with claims.

Why is Trusted Choice® the Right Choice for Your Agency?

By participating in Trusted Choice®, you are distinguishing your agency based on the specialty service and professionalism you provide. As an independent agent, you are already well on your way to creating a successful brand because the independent agency system offers distinct advantages for consumers. National exposure, in combination with the local efforts of thousands of Trusted Choice® agents throughout the country, gives you the competitive branding advantage you need to grow your business.

Trusted Choice® allows you to increase the exposure of your business while maintaining your agency's identity. We offer agents a wide variety of resources and advice to help you improve the customer experience and build upon your own brand value. Being part of a strong national brand like Trusted Choice® allows your agency to:
  • Offer new products and services, which gives you an opportunity to increase profitability.
  • Survive a crisis, like a hard market.
  • Attract and retain good employees and carriers.
  • Sustain and grow market share.

What Benefits Do You Receive from Trusted Choice®?

Trusted Choice® offers benefits that give you a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining customers through increased visibility. These benefits include:
  • Use of consumer-tested Trusted Choice® logo that independent research shows resonates with consumers.
  • Inclusion on agency locator tool and online quoting on that refers customers to your agency. A basic listing is included with your IIAT membership but the Advantage Subscription offers a detailed agency profile, preferred placement in search results and unlimited, high quality online referrals. Learn more.
  • Free use of professionally produced Freedom Campaign print, radio, TV, direct mail and digital ads that can be customized with your agency information for your local market.
  • National and state advertising and public relations exposure for your Trusted Choice® agency.
  • Access to an abundance of branding and advertising resources available that can help your agency capitalize on its membership in this exciting nationwide consumer brand.
Access the Trusted Choice Resource Site for Agents.


Top brands share one key quality: a consistency of customer experience. To help create that consistency, all Trusted Choice® members must commit to the Pledge of Performance. This series of customer commitments lays the foundation for consistent and successful experiences for consumers purchasing insurance through Trusted Choice® agencies. By making this commitment, Trusted Choice® agents are solidifying the brand.

View the Trusted Choice Pledge of Performance.


Live the Brand!

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Trusted Choice® 
Freedom Campaign

IIAT members have access to the Trusted Choice Freedom Campaign which features advertising materials to help independent agents compete with captive agents!  These professional print, radio, TV and digital ads are available free for members and can be customized with your agency specific information at no additional charge.

Learn about the Trusted Choice Marketing Reimbursement Program. New members and first-time MRP users can receive up to $1,250 by cobranding their advertising and marketing efforts using the Trusted Choice logo and branding materials.