Press Kit for reporters and other media representatives.

Press Kit (pdf)
Sample press kit introduction letter (doc)
What is IIAT? (pdf) 
What we know (pdf) 
Why Trusted Choice? (pdf) 
Fast Facts (pdf)
Online insurance resources (pdf) 
Feature article ideas (pdf)

Press Release Templates for IIAT Members

Editable templates for sending news about your agency to media. Please feel free to use as you wish.

New employee announcement (doc)
Attendance at an event announcement (doc) 
Achievement announcement (doc) 
General (doc)

Resources for talking with media, legislators and others

When talking with consumers (doc) 
When talking with the media (doc) 
When talking with legislators (doc)

Media Contacts


All Media

Marit Peters, President & Executive Director 800.880.7428;

Matt Smith, Communications

National Big I (IIABA)

Print Media

Margarita Tapia, 703.706.5473
Director of Public Affairs

Katie Butler, 703.706.5407
Associate Vice President of Communication

Broadcast Media

Sue Nester, 703.706.5407
Director of Broadcast Media

Local Associations