2019 Legislative Issues

Key IIAT legislative issues for the 86th Session   

TWIA Sunset Review (SB 615/HB 1510)

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) is under review by the Sunset Commission.  TWIA provides a valuable backstop for coastal residents in Texas, providing wind and hail coverage in our 14 Tier-1 coastal counties.  Agents depend on TWIA as a market of last resort to provide coverage for their clients.  Recommendations for improvement include:

  • Modernization of TWIA to include direct billing of customers
  • Improved and streamlined renewal application process
  • Technology improvements to improve service to consumers and agents
  • Adequate and predictable funding for multiple storms

Flood Coverage Notification (SB 442/HB 283)

Hurricane Harvey disclosed an alarming fact that many people were not prepared for the possibility of flooding.  It has been reported that roughly 25% of the homeowners in Harris County and South East Texas had purchased flood coverage.  Flood Coverage must be purchased separately from either the National Flood Insurance Program or specialty carriers. IIAT believes that a notice should be attached to every homeowners policy stating that flood coverage is not afforded by your homeowners' policy.

  • Homeowners insurers must include notice advising Flood coverage is not covered under policy
  • Notice should be in a conspicuous place on the policy
  • Notice should include statement to contact your agent to discuss coverage

Commercial Change Notification (SB 590/HB 1411)

The Insurance Code requires that notification of changes in coverage must be provided, however, there is no requirement of notification of where it is to be located or what changes have been made.  Personal lines policies were addresses last session and this will make the same requirements for Commercial policies

  • Adds Commercial Property to Sec. 551 of Insurance Code
  • Plain language notification must disclose new coverage in renewal policy
  • Provide notice to agent and consumer prior to use of new policy form
  • Clarifies that proper notification does not require non-renewal notice


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