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Business & Technology Consulting

We know how to solve the challenges you’re facing.

Maybe your sales leads are shrinking. Maybe your agency’s technology is giving you more headaches than solutions. Maybe customers are demanding things you can’t give them. Or maybe you can’t seem to recruit top-notch team members.

You solve one problem, two more pop up. You know your agency is brimming with potential. You could accomplish bigger things, if only you knew how to remove the roadblocks.

We know how. We have seen—and we have solved—almost every problem an independent insurance agency will face. Let our team of savvy, seasoned insurance professionals help. Together, we’ll figure out precisely what to do next. Request your free needs analysis right now.

Problems We Solve

Slow Growth

If you’re not attracting enough customers, we can help. Let’s discover how to maximize your sales culture, strengthen your pipeline, retain your current customers, expand specific lines of business, and enhance your advertising efforts.

Lack of Strategy

Strategic planning isn’t just an exercise you do every few years; it’s integral to your long-term success. We’ll lead your team through a detailed, practical strategic planning experience.

Profitability Challenges

We’ll help you understand what is impacting your profitability. This usually includes finding opportunities to increase revenue, reduce expenses, and better manage your finances and growth.

Low Productivity

If your agency isn’t as productive as it should be, we’ll look for ways to improve efficiencies, streamline workflows, and develop a continuous improvement culture that implements a problem-solving model.

Finding and Keeping Great Talent

There are countless staffing issues we can help you fix—including recruiting, onboarding, training, retaining your best employees, and developing leaders. We have the experience to help develop highly engaged cultures.

Technology Gaps and Miscues

Technology can be your agency’s best friend, but only if you get it right. We’ll show you how to improve your data integrity and security, select the tools you need, and use them efficiently.

Starting an Independent Agency

Simply put, we can help you launch an independent insurance agency.

Employee Engagement

Consulting with IIAT

See How Consulting with IIAT Works Below:

  1. Request Business Consulting - Complete the Form Below

    By filling out this simple form, we can get a sense of the challenges you’re looking to fix. Your dedicated IIAT coach will reach out very quickly to schedule a conversation. We’ll spend 30-60 minutes digging into your agency’s operations to figure out where the obstacles lie. This won’t cost you a single nickel.

  2. Scope of Work

    Once your coach has analyzed your agency—and maybe even discovered a problem or two you weren’t aware of!—we’ll put together a scope of work. The scope of work details how we’ll work together to create the solutions you need. We’ll give you a list of the services we’ll provide, a timeline, who’s responsible for what, our confidentiality policies, and the cost of the consulting project.

  3. Fact-Finding

    Once you’ve signed the scope of work, the project begins! We’ll start by conducting a thorough discovery. This will likely include producing key documents, conducting surveys, and interviewing key stakeholders in your agency. This step gives us the input and insights we need to craft the solutions you need.

  4. Innovative Insights & Strategic Recommendations

    We’ll then deliver a set of strategic recommendations based on our experience and seasoned insights. You’ll have a roadmap for moving beyond the problems holding you back—complete with evidence and specific tactics. Don’t be surprised when we recommend innovative solutions and new technologies.

  5. Make the Change Happen

    Once you implement our recommendations, you’ll begin to see how valuable our collaboration has been. Your agency will operate in new and exciting ways, and you’ll be poised to move into your next phase of growth. We’re happy to hold your hand along the way too.

Complete the Following to Request Business Consulting

The sooner you reach out to IIAT, the sooner we can roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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Marit Peters

President & Executive Director
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Continuous Improvement Director
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Agency Advantage Coach
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Project Management Director

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