Custom Training Brings IIAT's Knowledgeable Instructors and Informative CE Classes to You

IIAT's extensive line of courses is available to your staff—on your terms, in a location you choose. Custom training is convenient and cost-effective.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Training

What is the cost?
The cost for one day of instruction is $2,000. Each additional consecutive day is $1,500. We will bill separately for the instructor’s travel and room accommodations. You are responsible for equipment rental and meeting room charges, if applicable. 

The least expensive place to hold the class, of course, is in your office if you have the space. Options used by other clients include hotels, chamber of commerce meeting rooms, and other commercial meeting spaces. Obviously, with more students, your cost per student goes down. Smaller organizations may wish to “share” the class with another agency in the same location as a means of reducing expenses.

Where can the classes be held?
Anywhere that is quiet and free of distractions. Most classes are held in the largest room in the agency. However, some agents prefer to get their staff out of the office to a hotel or conference facility. Some agents have found free meeting space at the Chamber of Commerce or local bank building. We will provide you with set-up instructions, but keep in mind that any class that lasts more than a couple of hours should be set with tables and chairs for the students.

What if we don’t have ten students to meet the minimum?
Some agencies will partner with another agency in the area to meet the minimum requirement. Often, IIAT will present the same class on two consecutive days, allowing the agencies to split their staff between the two.

Can I select an instructor?
Yes, as long as the IIAT instructor you request has experience with the courses you have selected and is available. Your advisor at IIAT can help you determine the best instructor for the courses you want presented.

What kind of equipment is needed?
Our instructors prefer to use their own LCD projector with a screen you’ve provided (or light-colored blank wall). A chalk board or flipchart to write on  would be helpful.

What if we have to cancel?
No problem. Simply call IIAT and we will reschedule.

We want to present the program at the best possible time for you and your employees.

Is there a maximum number of hours that can be taught in one day?
Yes. To maximize learning, we limit the number of hours per day to no more than eight.


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