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Thursday, June 25

Breakout Webinars: Disrupting Disruption with Steve McKee
You’ve seen the results. You know where you stand. And you understand that no matter where your company falls on the Disruption Cycle it’s not going to stay there forever. But you still may have more questions than answers.

In this series of webinars, Steve McKee explores the Acceleration, Maturation, Saturation and Commoditization phases of the Disruption Cycle one at a time. He shares the dynamics that are common to each phase, which cultural issues you should watch out for (and when), and strategic considerations to help you prolong (Acceleration) leverage (Maturation), navigate (Saturation) and avoid (Commoditization) each phase.

Watch one of the sessions or all four—it’s up to you. What’s not up to you is the relentless spin of the Disruption Cycle, nor the goose that COVID-19 has given it. But the better you get to know it, the more you can turn it to your advantage.

Thursday, June 18