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Wingman Essentials

Fast, simplified & streamlined cyber for smaller businesses

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IIAT Advantage-endorsed Wingman Cyber makes writing cyber for smaller businesses simple. If your insureds are still paying for a BOP endorsement (which is probably not enough coverage) or you have insureds who still do not understand the serious risk and likelihood of a cyber breach, Wingman Essentials can help.

What is it?
Wingman Essentials is a "micro" cyber insurance program with preset coverage and limit options of $100k, $250k, and $500k. For insureds who qualify, there will be a flat price for each option. The coverage is just like a stand-alone cyber policy, but with the price tag of a BOP endorsement.

Who qualifies?
Any business that has less than $25M in revenue, 75 or fewer employees, and utilizes MFA and backups may qualify.

Who does not qualify?

For the first time, Wingman is utilizing the innovative scanning technology built by Corvus. With this technology, you'll be notified if an insured has a glaring cyber security vulnerability. If their total score is 79 or below, they will not qualify for Wingman Essentials (not to worry, we can help them identify the issues and re-scan). There are also a few classes of business that are ineligible.

For details on flat pricing, eligibility, and how to submit business.
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