Your Contributions Matter

By contributing to IMPACT, you are supporting pro-business candidates who are looking out for agents’ interests in the Capitol. All of the money raised by IMPACT is contributed to candidates and campaigns that support the independent agent network.

View IIAT's key issues for the recent legislative session.

What is a Political Action Committee?

A political action committee or PAC is a group that is formed to give money to the political campaigns of people who are likely to make decisions that would benefit the group's interests.

Why Should IMPACT Interest You?

IMPACT is important to independent insurance agents because it means legislative success.

Some 6,000 bills are introduced each session in the state legislature. Elections decide who will be voting on these bills. IMPACT helps elect candidates who write the laws affecting your business. IMPACT keeps you involved and influential in the legislative decisions in Texas that are important to you and your business.

What Does IMPACT Do?

IMPACT is your vehicle for political success as an independent agent. IMPACT collects voluntary contributions from independent insurance agency principals, producers, customer service reps and other staff members across the state.

These funds are pooled and contributed on a nonpartisan basis to candidates for public office who support the interests of independent insurance agents and the insurance industry. A full 100 percent of every dollar raised stays in Texas for state and local elections.

Facts About IMPACT

  • All fundraising efforts throughout the state are administered by IIAT's board, governmental affairs staff and IMPACT Regional Vice Presidents.
  • Funds are disbursed on a nonpartisan basis to both Democrats and Republicans and are based on issues that promote IIAT’s legislative agenda.
  • IMPACT is one of the largest trade association PACs in Texas.

Does IMPACT Buy Votes?

No. But it does give us access to legislators. Candidates and public officials are honorable people whose votes are not for sale. But by helping elect public policy decision-makers, IMPACT assures independent insurance agents the opportunity to present our views and be heard.

IMPACT fully complies with all state and federal election law.

Contact Governmental Affairs

H. Lee Loftis, Jr.
Gov. Affairs Director

Jill Douglas

Director of Development