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  • TWIA: Temporary Policy Submissions Hold

    Renewal and new business applications submitted this October and November for residential and commercial policies effective 1/1/2020 or later may be temporarily held in TWIA’s underwriting review stage .
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  • Big ‘I’ Statement on NFIP Reauthorization through Nov. 21

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  • TWIA Agent Bulletin: Policy Conditions – Loss Settlement Changes are Coming!

    Recently, TWIA alerted agents to a few legislative changes already in effect. They have also begun work on another important change to the Policy Conditions that determine how covered losses are settled. This change comes with significant impacts to you and your policyholders.
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  • 2019 Legislative Update: Another Successful Session for IIAT-Endorsed Legislation

    The 86th Session of the Texas Legislature has concluded and IIAT and its Government Affairs team had another successful session. IIAT was directly responsible for three key legislative changes and were involved in two other bills of importance. Our ability to represent IIAT members and their customers successfully before the legislature is due to our support of business-minded legislators from the entire state. Below is a summary of our successes on our key initiatives from the 86th Session. Watch for a full summary of insurance and business bills of interest in the next edition of Texas Agent. For questions about these or other bills, contact Government Affairs Director Lee Loftis at lloftis@iiat.org.
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  • 2019 Legislative Update: Tracking the Bills that Matter to Your Business

    It was a busy week at the Capitol for IIAT’s Government Affairs team. The House Insurance Committee met and there are a couple of notable updates. SB 590, which is our Senate version of the Commercial Change Notification bill, was voted out of committee and is on the way to the House Local and Consent Calendar very soon. This is the final step before final passage and going to Gov. Abbott to sign.
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  • 2019 Legislative Update: Tracking the Bills that Matter to Your Business

    IIAT’s Governmental Affairs team has been busy reviewing the 7,000-plus bills that were filed prior to the Texas Legislature’s bill filing deadline of March 8, 2019. While insurance-related bills have not been the focus of the 86th Legislative Session, a number of bills of interest to IIAT members have begun to make their way through the legislative process.
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  • 2018 Election Results – “The Beto Effect”

    With the 2018 elections behind us, we can now begin to assess what we should learn from the results. Although Beto O’Rourke was not successful in knocking off Sen. Ted Cruz, the excitement created by his candidacy, along with straight party voting by Democrats, brought some unexpected results. Cruz’s narrow victory (50.9% – 48.3%) was not certain until late in the evening, and as they say in politics, coattails can be very long and decisive, given the right circumstances. The “Beto effect” created the coattails and the circumstances were there for a significant shift in Texas’ political makeup.
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  • 2018 Primary Election Update

    While the dust settles on many of the hotly contested races in Texas, it will be awhile before we have a clear picture of the political landscape in the state and the U.S. Senate and Congress. The primary elections on Tuesday night resulted in seven incumbent Texas office holders losing their seats and another eight House races to be decided by a May 22nd runoff.
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  • Go Vote in the March 6 Primary Election

    With the Primary Election right around the corner, IIAT Governmental Affairs Director and IMPACT Treasurer, Lee Loftis, is encouraging all voters to Get Out the Vote this coming Tuesday, March 6th.
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  • 85th Session of the Texas Legislature Wrap-Up

    Please read on to find a list of important insurance bills from the 2017 Texas Legislature. We have attempted to provide a concise overview of the bills of interest to IIAT members and to the insurance industry overall. Those listed below are just a small sampling of the over 1,200 bills passed during the 85th Legislative Session. All 6,600+ bills filed can be reviewed by visiting www.capitol.state.tx.us and entering the bill number or word phrase relating to the legislation.
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  • 85th Legislature Update

    The bill filing deadline for the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature has passed with over 6,000 bills filed. It has been a busy time for the IIAT Governmental Affairs team. IIAT has testified on a number of important bills including many of our key issues for the session. SB 10 and HB 1774, the TLR litigation reform bill, or “hail bill,” has been voted out of both the Senate Business & Commerce and House Insurance committees. Action is pending on both floors and we will continue to work with the various stakeholders supporting the common sense changes proposed. IIAT’s other key issues include SB 562 / HB 1559, our surplus lines freedom bill; SB 417 / HB 647, our notification of coverage change legislation; and SB 1283 / HB 3018, the TWIA reciprocity bill. All bills are moving through the committee process. Other bills of interest to the insurance industry this session include the “distracted driving” bill, SB 31 / HB 62, as well as a number of “balanced billing” bills in the health insurance field.
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