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Demo Instructions

There are two parts to this demo.

Policy issuance

The demo policy issuance link takes you directly to the test policy form which you may fill out and print. Both the policy Declarations page, and the Terms & Conditions page are printed for the customer when the policy is printed. Policies issued in this test environment are not valid. This demo excludes the credit card payment page. When printed the form is automatically stored in the report sections for review and tracking.

Go to policy issuance demo


After you have completed and printed the test policy, you may access your report. The report section includes all policies you've issued. A search screen allows you to specify the reports you want to review. (Several test reports are included for the demo.)

Go to report demo

Report search criteria

Enter the information needed to specify the report or reports you are searching for. You may search for a single policy or many policies (those written in a particular month, for example). You may enter criteria in a single field or in all fields, depending on your search requirements. (Entering no search criteria will result in a listing of all policies you've issued.) Then click on Start Search. Your policies will be displayed.

Note that any policy can be edited after the original policy has been issued by using the Edit button to the right of each policy listed. The policy can be reprinted at any time after it is issued and also after you have performed the edit function. This is accomplished through the use of the Detail button to the right of the policy detail. Below the detail listings are totals for: policies issued, premium, policy fees, taxes and amount due. There is no requirement for you to send copies of policies to the underwriter.

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