Workers' Comp Resources

Workers' Comp Basics for Agents

Texas Mutual is here to help agents be successful in understanding and selling workers' comp coverage. Our quick overview gives agents the basics.
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Don't Dare to Go Bare

See a side by side comparison of workers' comp coverge and other alternatives. Going bare without worker' comp or choosing an alternative policy could leave policyholders with gaps in protection.
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The Employer's Guide to Workers' Comp

What employers need to know about purchasing workers' comp and working with Texas Mutual.
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The Agent's Guide to Workers' Comp

Learn the basics of writing workers' comp and how Texas Mutual works with the agent community.
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Just for Agents: Safety Groups

Safety groups give clients group purchasing power to earn a discount on their workers' comp premium, and help agents keep their clients happy and boost their retention.
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The Safety Group Advantage

Safety groups provide agents with a powerful way to lower their clients' premiums and boost retention.
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2018 Annual Report

Last year brought the opportunity to serve 71,050 businesses, take care of our communities, and deliver on the promise we made 28 years ago. Take a look at our 2018 annual report to see how we've become the workers' compensation market leader, and just as importantly, improved the lives of Texans across the state.
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Microlearning Modules

Agent microlearning is your go-to resource for quick workers' comp tips. You can watch on your schedule, and it takes less than 10 minutes to review a topic. See lessons on:

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