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Risk Management

Reduce your exposure to an E&O claim.

The following training and resources can reduce your exposure to an E&O Claim. Using them can also result in additional discounts to your E&O insurance premiums.

Complete an E&O Risk Management Training Class

According to underwriters, good E&O staff training can reduce the likelihood of an E&O claim by up to 50%! If you are a Swiss Re Corporate Solutions client, training can qualify you for a 10% or 20% credit. If your E&O is from Allianz, you can qualify for 15% credit. Here's how to get training:

  1. Take an online E&O Risk Management Class on IIAT's ABEN website.

    Register for one of the online E&On courses available on IIAT's ABEN website (Agents & Brokers Education Network). There are several courses to choose from, including CE approved and non-CE on-demand versions.

  2. Request IIAT's E&O Risk Management for Custom Training

    An IIAT instructor can present the class at your office or preferred location on a specified date

Request an Operational Review from IIAT

Do you ever wonder if your everyday agency procedures might expose you to an E&O claim? Receive an evaluation from a qualified agency consultant and embark on a continuous improvement journey that can help you answer that question. If your E&O is from Westport, you can receive a 10% credit for five years if you implement the recommendations you receive.

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Conduct an Agency Website Review (included with IIAT's Operational Review)

Your agency’s website can be a powerful marketing tool, but its language also can be a potential weapon used by claimants. Have an expert review your website to identify problem areas and potential exposures. Westport offers a 5% discount for the implementation of the reviewer’s recommendations.

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Agency Coverage Checklists

Requires Big "I" website log-in. Forgot your password?

A significant cause of E&O claims is the failure to recommend coverage. Consistent use of coverage checklists can help reduce your exposure. Westport offers 5% discount for the use of approved coverage checklists.

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IIAT Knows Risk Management Inside and Out

Protect your agency with professional liability insurance options available through IIAT Advantage E&O.

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