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Thank you for your loyalty to IIAT!

Agency membership year: September 1 - August 31

IIAT begins billing for the upcoming membership year in July.
Please submit payment by October 1st to continue membership.

To reinstate your membership after October 1st, all outstanding dues must be paid in full to the current date.
If membership has lapsed more than one year, a new member application must be completed.  

Only the Primary or Alternate contact will be able to renew and update your agency profile.

You must be logged in to update this information. 

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*Note: If you choose to pay by EFT or credit card on a monthly or quarterly basis, your account will be charged automatically until you notify IIAT directly to stop payment.

  1. Credit Card
    Select one-time annual payment or recurring monthly* or quarterly* payments.
  2. Check
    Send a check to PO Box 684487, Austin, TX 78768 – Attn: Membership Renewal
    (must be paid in full – annual option only)

  3. EFT*
    Fill out the EFT form here. 
    Select monthly, quarterly, or annual recurring payments.
    Return the completed form back to with a copy of a voided check.

Questions about renewing your IIAT membership?

Raelyn Mock
Membership & 
Local Association Manager


Agency membership dues are based on overall staff size.
Review the dues breakdown here.

Check out your membership benefits

It is through your engagement that IIAT can provide resources that:

  • Arm your team with best practices and expertise;
  • Connect you with valuable partners and market access;
  • Protect your business through E&O solutions;
  • Actively advocate for your future in the industry; and
  • Keep you current on the latest industry news and trends.