Texas FAIR Plan Association

History and Purpose

The Texas FAIR Plan Association was created by law to provide residential property insurance to persons who are unable to obtain coverage through the voluntary market.

The FAIR Plan issues policies in its own name and pays all losses directly to policyholders.

Company Participation

All companies writing residential property insurance in the State of Texas are required to be members of the Association.

Where the Money Comes From

The FAIR Plan pays losses from the funds it collects as premium from policyholders. If these funds are not sufficient to pay losses during a given year, the FAIR Plan can assess its member insurance companies.

In 2003, the legislature authorized the FAIR Plan to issue bonds to raise funds. The bonds may not exceed $75 million and are an obligation only of the FAIR Plan. A service fee may be assessed against each member insurer to be used to pay all debt service on the bonds.

Lines of Insurance
Residential property insurance

5700 S. Mopac, Building E, Suite 530
Austin, TX 78749

Phone number
(512) 899-4900

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