Texas Mutual Insurance Company 

(formerly Texas Workers' Compensation Insurance Fund)

History and Purpose

Texas Mutual Insurance Company (formerly the Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund) was established by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance, much like any other insurance company does. TMIC, however, is required by law to serve as the “market of last resort” to cover applicants that are unable to obtain coverage through another insurer.

Company Participation

TMIC operates in competition with other insurance companies writing workers’ compensation. Other companies have no obligations with regard to operations or deficits of TMIC.

Where the Money Comes From

TMIC is self-supporting, paying claims out of its premium and reserve funds. It is a member of the state guaranty fund.

Lines of Insurance:
Workers’ compensation

Address: Street:
221 W. 6th Street, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78701
P.O. Box 12058
Austin, TX 78711

Phone Number:
(800) 859-5995
(512) 322-3800

(512) 505-6291


Contact for Information, rules, rates:
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