Human Resources

Helpful resources to to guide agency HR decisions

Managing staff, designing compensation and complying with labor regulations can be daunting and fraught with complications. For the most comprehensive, current and cost-effective resource for managing HR, IIAT recommends subscribing to, the Society for Human Resource Management.

NOTE: IIAT has a number of tools specifically for independent agencies. The sample steps, documents and forms included are published as a service to the IIAT membership. They are offered only for general information purposes, and are not intended to provide specific advice about individual legal, business or other matters. They were prepared solely as a guide, and are not a substitute for independent evaluation of all provisions included, and are not a recommendation that any be accepted or rejected. Specific legal advice is required and desired. The services of an appropriate attorney should be sought.

Contracts, Policies & Agreements
 Principals Only

Information about legal issues specific to the agency business. Includes sample employment contracts and a model employee handbook.

Compensation & Evaluating Performance
 Principals Only

Includes a primer on wage planning as well as tips on incentive plans and performance evaluations.

Outsourcing for Agents

An overview of outsourcing as a means to better leverage agency staff.

Hiring Toolkit

Step-by-step outline of the hiring process with tools to help you execute each step. Includes the free New Employee Training Guide.

Licensing Toolkit

Everything you need to understand the licensing process from requirements to testing and continuing education.

Career Center Button-01

Tools and resources to help you recruit and promote the industry. Includes a Job Board for posting agency job opportunities.