Agency Management Consultants

IIAT's technical staff has compiled this list of leading agency consultants across the nation. Web sites are linked from firm names where available. For further information about these or other consultants, contact IIAT. You can also find consultants through the American Association of Insurance Management Consultants at

Suggestions for making the most out of working with consultants:

  1. Understand your need as much as possible and what you hope to accomplish from outside expertise.
  2. Screen the consultant to validate expertise:
    1. Ask for written summaries of relevant client assignments completed.
    2. Ask for multiple references who can confirm the consultant met objectives.
    3. If you are going to get bids, start with a Request for Qualifications ( RFQ).
  3. Be prepared to help the consultant get to know your organization.
  4. Get a written proposal. If you’re taking bids, prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP).
  5. Understand the fee structure including expense reimbursement and payment schedule. Have payment schedule tied to interim benchmarks so you can evaluate the program. Ask for a satisfaction guarantee.
  6. Get a written contract or letter of agreement that identifies consultant’s deliverables, role in implementation; if any, and criteria for interim benchmarks. Include non-disclosure and non-compete language. Make sure you understand your obligations for successful implementation.




Agency Consulting Group

Management, Sales, Technology, M&A

Agency Management Resource Group Management, Sales, Workflow, Technology
Beverly Boone Strategic Planning & Accountability Coaching, Process & Procedures Management, Agency Training & Development

Business Management Group

Management, Sales, Technology, M&A

Chris Burand

Management, Sales, Technology, M&A

Fries & Fries

Management, Sales, Technology

G. Kellum Plaket

Growth, Productivity, Profit

Manhattan Group

M&A, Planning, Valuations, Legal

Marsh Berry

Management, Sales, Technology, M&A

Oak & Associates

Management, Sales, Technology, M&A

Opis Partners, LLC

Management, Sales, Technology, M&A

Reagan Consulting

Management, Sales, Technology, M&A

Roy Phillips

Valuations, Contracts

Stroman Consulting Group Recruit/Hire/Train, M&A, Operations, Expert Witnessing

Thomas & Thomas

Valuations, M&A, Contracts

Thomas Braniff, J.D.

M&A, Valuations, Agreements, Legal

Van Aartrijk

Marketing, PR

Wedge Group