Certificates of Insurance Resource Center

(Updated Dec. 2017)

Best Practices for Certificates of Insurance

Best Practices for Certificates of Insurance (April 2013 edition - large PDF) is an analysis of one of the most challenging coverage areas for an independent agent. The APRIL 2013 EDITION covers the law and TDI rules regulating certificates of insurance and provides practical recommendations for handling certificates of insurance in your agency.

Helpful Tips

The IIAT technical staff has developed tips for the most common certificate problems.

TDI Rules

The Insurance Commissioner has approved new rules to govern approval of certificate of insurance forms.


Agents should use only the most recent edition of ACORD 25. Make certain that your automated certificate issuance system has been updated to produce the latest edition. If your system has not been updated you can obtain a copy of the approved ACORD forms for free by registering with ACORD. An enhanced fillable version is available for an annual fee of $169 per location. 

Approved Forms

The Texas Department of Insurance has approved certificate forms.

Filing a Complaint

Agents and policyholders can file complaints regarding noncompliant certificates of insurance with the Texas Department of Insurance.

E-mail: CommercialPC@tdi.texas.gov
Mail: Consumer Protection
P&C Intake Unit, Mail Code 104-3B 
P.O. Box 149104 
Austin, Texas 78714-9104 
Fax: 512.490.1016

The complaint should include a copy of the noncompliant certificate and a completed copy of the "Request for Certificate Review" form below.

Sample Completed Review Form
Blank Review Form

Request for Unapproved Certificate

If a certificate holder requests an unapproved certificate form, IIAT recommends that you issue an ACORD 25 and transmit it to the certificate holder with the following wording or something similar:

We have issued an industry-standard ACORD certificate of insurance issued on your behalf for the captioned client. A law passed by the Texas Legislature effective January 1, 2012 (Senate Bill 425) requires certificate forms (as well as questionnaires and related documents) to be filed with and approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. We are prohibited by law from issuing a certificate unless it has been approved. The certificate form you furnished for issuance was not found on the list of approved forms. For more information regarding the law or details on how to obtain approval of your form, please go to the certificates of insurance page on the TDI website.