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  • Watch the R.I.S.E. Virtual Summit On-Demand: Thanks to Our Lead Underwriters!

    Nov 19, 2020
    Now Available On Demand - R.I.S.E. Virtual Summit
    You can now watch recordings of all the sessions from the R.I.S.E. Virtual Summit held on Nov. 2. If you weren't able to attend, check out insightful and timely sessions presented by insurance tech guru Steve Anderson, Big "I's" SVP of  Governmental Affairs Charles Symington, insurance marketing expert Chris Paradiso and more. 

    View the R.I.S.E. Virtual Summit on-demand now.

    Thanks to our lead underwriters!

    The  virtual summit would not have been possible without the support of our lead underwriters. Thank you to the following companies for making the event free to IIAT members.

  • Preparing for Your E&O Renewal During COVID-19

    Nov 19, 2020

    As you might expect, insurance carriers who provide Insurance Agent’s E&O are adapting to the pandemic in various ways.

    Some are making efforts to educate their insured agencies by reminding them of proper claims handling procedures and best practices for avoiding E&O claims. Others are adding specific endorsements designed to exclude E&O coverage for claims arising from Covid-19 exposures. And some E&O carriers are exiting the Agent’s E&O marketplace altogether.

    How should an agent protect the agency’s E&O program?
    The primary way is to prepare for your next E&O renewal well in advance.

    • Complete your renewal application and send it to your provider as early as possible….60 days in advance would be a good goal.
    • Review your procedures manual for compliance with best practices.
    • Communicate with your staff about the importance of proper claims handling.

    Read Will Agency E&O Claims Be the Next Wave of COVID-19? for more information. 

    The IIAT Advantage E&O Team is ready to assist you!
    Contact IIAT Advantage E&O today at 512.493.2431 or email

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  • IIAT Advantage Markets Spotlight: Selective Flood

    Nov 19, 2020

    NEW adv_logo_cmyk-01

    How important is offering a flood quote with every homeowner policy? How important is making sure your customers receive the very best customer service experience in time of disaster? 

    Of course, the answer to both these questions is "very important," which is why partnering your agency with a flood carrier with experience and dedicated resources is vital. 


    IIAT Advantage's partnership with Selective Flood offers agents access to one of the industry’s leading flood programs. Also endorsed by the national Big “I”, Selective Flood uniquely tailors personalized customer service and offers an easy-to-use quoting platform, making doing business with Selective an advantage. 

    Why Selective Flood?

    • Personalized Service 
      Your customers will receive personalized service, since Selective handles polices from inception to payment of a claim. No third-party vendors, just one-on-one processing to respond to your customer’s needs. 

    • A Trusted Partner 
      Selective knows that partnership is key, which is why their exclusive Texas underwriting teams have years of experience and are well-versed in Texas-specific legislative changes.
    • Quote-it-Now 
      A self-service easy–to-use flood quoting tool is available for appointed agents to add to their agency website. With a few simple steps, the Quote-it-Now video walks customers through a flood application up to binding and directs them to contact the agency to finalize the process.  

      This is an excellent referral tool for the agency to follow-up with prospective clientele to discuss how flood coverage can protect their property and valuables.
    • State-of-the-Art Tools 
      In addition to Quote-it-Now, Selective provides the essential tools needed to make placing your flood business easy, including streamlined navigation, real-time processing, and easy access to reports, commissions, claim information and much more.
    • Training and Information 
      Skilled Territory Managers offer flood expertise and often facilitate training and Continuing Education (CE) classes & webinars for agency staff.
    • Customized Marketing Resources 
      Selective offers a variety of tailored solutions, ranging from co-brandable flyers, brochures and postcards to custom eMarketing campaigns, pre-recorded radio spots, and billboard designs. Selective Flood’s unique strategic marketing is your agency’s value-added flood partner. 
    Get access to Selective Flood’s personalized support, easy-to-use quoting platform and customized marketing resources today through the IIAT Advantage program!

    For more information about a Selective Flood appointment, contact IIAT Advantage Program Director Lisa Webb at or Donna Biles, Advantage Markets at today!

  • Free Webinar for IIAT Members - R.I.S.E. Report Trends: Compensation in Texas

    Nov 19, 2020

    This year, IIAT teamed up with IntellAgents to complete a 2020 salary survey. The results of the survey are available in the 2020 IIAT Compensation and Benefits Report.

    If you participated in the survey, you will receive the report for free. If you did not participate, you will receive instructions on how to purchase the report soon.

    On December 3 (10-11 a.m.), IntellAgent’s Carey Wallace will host a free webinar for IIAT members to review the report in detail. During the webinar, R.I.S.E. Report Trends: Compensation in Texas, Carey will discuss best practices and trends for agency compensation plans, as well as provide tips on attracting and retaining the best talent.

    Please click here to register.

    The Compensation and Benefits Report is just the beginning... If you want to take a deep dive into your agency, you need to check out the R.I.S.E. Report. The report specifically benchmarks your agency to similar sized agencies in your Texas region within categories like carrier mix, employee salary & benefits packages, and more. Learn more.

  • Keep Texas Trucking: IIAT Joins Coalition to Pass Common-Sense Reform for Transportation Industry

    Nov 19, 2020
    The litigation environment for owners and operators of commercial or company vehicles has reached a tipping point. Unless the issues is addressed by the Texas Legislature, the result will be growing small business failures, increased costs of doing business for the companies that survive, and increased costs for goods and services purchased by all Texans.
    That is why IIAT, along with TLR, the Texas Trucking Association, and 93 other vested organizations have formed a coalition to work with the 87th Texas Legislature to pass common sense reforms to help level the playing field.  
    For more information, please contact Lee Loftis, Director of Governmental Affairs, at 512-493-2418.

  • Need Social Media Content for the Holiday Season? Trusted Choice Has You Covered

    Nov 19, 2020

    IIAT and all Trusted Choice® independent agents have access to a plethora of free ready-to-post digital marketing materials to promote their agencies.

    As the holiday season approaches, Trusted Choice® has released new holiday content for members. Content includes season's greetings posts, holiday infographics, Instagram templates and more. Members can use this content to reinforce their agency's partnership with Trusted Choice and strengthen their social media marketing efforts.

    Access new and existing content by logging into the member resource website with your Big “I" credentials.

  • TWIA Launches New Online Policyholder Payment Options

    Nov 11, 2020
    Starting November 19, policyholders will be able to pay TWIA policy premiums online. They will have the option to pay the full amount due all at once or split into two installments. The temporary two payment option implemented in response to COVID-19 will end on November 1 and will be replaced by this new installment option.

    With online payments, policyholders will be able to get instant confirmation their payment has been received. These payments will also be applied to their policy faster than mailing in a check. TWIA will use the date on the confirmation as the payment received date.

    What can I do to prepare myself and my clients for these changes?
    Join one of TWIA's webinars to learn more. Don’t worry, there’s still time to register for the remaining sessions.

    What are the benefits?
    With online payments, policyholders will be able to get instant confirmation TWIA has received their payment. That means less wondering for them and fewer calls for you. Online payments will also be applied to their policy faster than payments received in the form of a check.

    What are the new online policyholder payment options?

    • Credit Cards: Policyholders will be able to pay for their policy online with their Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card. Debit cards and ATM cards may also be used. Third-party/vendor fees may apply.
    • Echeck: Policyholders will be able to pay for their policy online with an electronic check.
    • Installments: Policyholders will be able to pay for their policy in two installments. Installments are available online, by mail, and through their agent. They can pay 50% or more at the time the policy is issued or renewed and pay the remaining balance within four months.
      • Note: The temporary two-payment option implemented in response to COVID-19 ended on November 1 and will be replaced by this new installment option.
    What's not changing?
    TWIA's other standard payment options are not changing. Policyholders can still pay TWIA through their agent or by mail. The new online and installment options are additional options.

    Contact Us
    TWIA will continue to keep you informed about these changes. If you have any questions or concerns, TWIA's Agent Services team is here to help. Email them at or call at (800) 788-8247. 
  • 2020 Elections Impact

    Nov 05, 2020

    Why should anything be simple in this year of uncertainty? The year 2020 has been anything but normal, and election night was no different. At the time of writing, the Presidential election is still too close to call in five key states. Former Vice President Joe Biden holds the lead over incumbent President Donald Trump. Vote counting continues and this is likely heading to court before it is all said and done. 

    Federal Outcome

    Congress appears to be a little more closely split down party lines with the Republicans picking up an additional 10 seats. However, it is also clear that they will not unseat the Democrat’s hold on the House and Speaker Pelosi is all but certain to retain that position. 

    Texas congressional make up remained as it was previously with the Republicans holding roughly two-thirds of the seats to the one-third held by the Democrats. Final total in Texas Congressional seats are 23 Republicans to 13 Democrats with all incumbents being reelected and the open seats did not change parties. 

    Senator John Cornyn of Texas easily won reelection over challenger MJ Hegar, even with the millions of dollars outside interests funneled to Hegar in the final weeks of the election. The Senate appears to remain in the hands of the Republican majority. Best guess is a 52-48 final total, but it could be as close as 51-49. The two Independents are included in the Democratic total since the caucus with and normally vote with the Democrats. Based on the possible outcome of a Biden victory, it was critical that the Republicans hold the Senate, and it appears that they did.

    Texas Election Results

    The Texas Supreme Court is looked upon nationally as one of the most respected courts in the land and it remains so, post-election. Chief Justice Nathan Hecht and Justices Jeff Boyd, Brett Busby and Jane Bland all won reelection easily. 

    The Texas Senate control was never in doubt as there was only one “strongly contested” race to watch. Senate District 19, stretching from San Antonio to near El Paso, was held by a Republican, Sen. Pete Flores. This has been a historically Democratic seat which flipped the last election. Sen. Flores was defeated by Rep. Roland Gutierrez of San Antonio. The significance of the race is that the Texas Senate is no longer controlled by a 3/5th “super majority” with the split being 18 Republicans – 13 Democrats. This means that there will need to be bipartisan cooperation to move legislation in the Texas Senate for the first time in several years. 

    If you listened to the media and the pollsters, the Texas Hose of Representatives was supposed to be turned upside down with a “blue wave” of Democratic hopefuls. Millions of dollars were spent in Texas trying to reverse the dominance the Republicans have held over the past decade. Not only did the “blue wave” fail to occur, but it appears the split will remain as last session.  With the 83 Republican - 67 Democrat makeup, a Republican Speaker will be assured.  

    So, What Does This All Mean?

    What is often lost in all the numbers is the fact that this legislature will be charged with redrawing the maps for the U.S. Congressional districts, as well as the Texas House and Texas Senate districts. Every 10 years the state legislature redraws these seats and this redistricting will be one of the key pieces of legislation that will be addressed.

    As was stated at the beginning, why should anything be simple in 2020. This upcoming legislative session appears to the same way. Access to the Capitol is still uncertain due to the pandemic and it is unclear how this session will proceed. Virtual Interim hearings have been held and it is possible that hearings may be held the same way during the 140-day session.   

    Regardless of how or where, IIAT’s Legislative team will be working to protect agent’s livelihood and push for improvements in our industry for you and your clients. As the only independent agents’ group in the Capitol, we will work with our friends to keep Texas a great state to be an Independent Agent.


  • Monday is the FREE Virtual R.I.S.E. Summit

    Nov 05, 2020
    RISE Virtual Summit - 1200x375
    Join IIAT and special guest speakers for a day of virtual learning. The Virtual R.I.S.E. Summit will take place online, this Monday, Nov. 9. The summit is FREE for all IIAT members thanks to the generous support of IIAT's Lead Underwriters.

    Speakers will include  Big "I" SVP of Government Affairs Charles Symington, IntellAgents COO Carey Wallace,  insurance branding expert Chris Paradiso, Rigid Bits Co-Founder Dustin Mooney, and more. View the schedule and speakers.

    After this whirlwind of a week, you will not want to miss the R.I.S.E Virtual Summit Kick-Off and State of the Industry Session. Big "I" SVP of Government Affairs Charles Symington, IIAT Executive Director Marit Peters and IIAT Director of Governmental Affairs Lee Loftis will shed light on the current state of our industry. Charles will give an insider's look into what's happening in Washington, D.C. and reactions to the elections. Don’t miss it!

    Register Today, it's FREE!

    Please register for each individual session you want to attend.
    All sessions are being recorded and can be watched at a later date.
  • Play R.I.S.E Virtual Summit Trivia for A Chance to Win Up To $500

    Nov 05, 2020
    RISE Virtual Summit - 1200x375
    The R.I.S.E Virtual Summit will wrap up with a virtual Kahoot trivia game on Monday, Nov. 9, 4:15 - 4:30 pm.

    To play, all you have to do is register for the competition, join the trivia webinar promptly at 4:15 on Monday, and answer questions about information presented in each session from earlier in the day. During the competition you can use the Kahoot mobile app to play or go to to play in a web browser. You will receive a PIN number to join the game when the webinar starts.

    The first place winner will receive $500, second will receive $250 and third will receive $100. 

    You will increase your chance of winning by attending the R.I.S.E Virtual Summit sessions. 
    See the full schedule & register to attend other sessions. CLICK HERE