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Planning for Your Agency – Data is Key

Jun 30, 2020

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During these unprecedented times, using data to assess the risk in your agency and plan for your future has never been more important. Agencies need to be able to make any needed adjustments, search for new growth opportunities, and be able to build a strong and reliable plan.

Your agency can't afford to make decisions and take chances without being informed by data. IIAT is working to help agents get the data they need to make informed business decisions through our partnership with IntellAgents.

By partnering with IIAT and other state-based associations, IntellAgents is gathering data from member agencies and other sources, which they can then process and offer back to agents, providing local and relevant insights to inform your strategic business decisions.

The first step in the process is the relaunch of IIAT’s compensation study. It is specific to the roles in independent agencies — and to Texas itself. It will be a true representation of the salary & benefits standards in your local area of the state.

In order to gather this data we need your help.

Help IIAT create a salary and compensation report unrivaled in the industry. Complete the new Compensation Survey. Learn more.