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Texas Mutual’s Microlearning Tool Offers Quick and Convenient Worker’s’ Compensation Training for Agents

Mar 05, 2020

You can count on IIAT’s strategic partner, Texas Mutual, for training and educational resources to help you serve your workers’ compensation clients. Texas Mutual’s new microlearning video lessons offer focused, bite-sized learning at your fingertips. Unlike webinars, microlearning is targeted learning under 10 minutes that allows users to progress at their own pace and re-visit the video lesson at any time. The benefits of microlearning include better engagement, retention and on-the-job application.

Microlearning topics that are currently available include:

  • Executive officers
  • Other states coverage
  • General inclusions and exclusions
  • How to fill out an ERM-14 form
  • Commonly used forms and endorsements

Whether you want to brush up on your workers' compensation knowledge or learn more about workplace safety, Texas Mutual has you covered.

Explore microlearning. 

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