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Allied Trust Growing Strong in Texas

Feb 05, 2020

allied trustAllied Trust Insurance (ATI) is continuing to grow its business in the state of Texas. In 2019, the company wrote $91 million in Direct Written Premium in only its fourth year of writings. The company continues to maintain a strong financial position in the market and ended the year with approximately $25 million of  policyholder surplus -- five times the amount required by the state. Allied Trust is well positioned for future profitable growth as it continues to expand its product lines.

Allied Trust is one of the fastest growing P&C Insurance companies in the country while maintaining a bottom-line focus. During the company’s most recent property catastrophe reinsurance renewal, reinsurers differentiated carriers by the quality of the book of business. Allied Trust saw an increase from 36 to 50 global reinsurers on the program, demonstrating that the Company’s business model is strong and can weather any adversity sent by mother nature. The company maintained strong financial ratios even with the frequency and severity of severe convective storms in Texas and Louisiana this past year.

Many insurance companies writing in Florida are facing an uncertain future with potential rating downgrades due to increased reinsurance costs, inadequate original insurance rates, and judicial decisions altering the claim settlement landscape. Allied Trust has no Florida exposure and has no plan to expand into the Florida  market. Recently Allied Trust’s “A Exceptional” rating was reaffirmed by Demotech.

Allied Trust is domiciled in Texas and provides high-quality preferred products to insureds in Texas and Louisiana. The company writes homeowners, boat, and now dwelling fire in Texas.   

Allied Trust takes constructive feedback from our independent agency force very seriously. As a result, the company recently discontinued its auto product, but plans to return to the market with an auto product redesigned to meet the coverage needs of the more affluent insured with improved ease-of-use and innovation on the technology platform. To assist with the transition, Allied Trust will introduce a companion auto credit on its homeowners’ line of business for those agencies that write and maintain the auto policy within their office in its upcoming rate filing.

The dwelling fire product is a great example of the market-leading innovation that agents expect from Allied Trust. The Dwelling Fire product is  designed for the small multi-property landlord with its many unique features. For example, agents can schedule up to ten properties on a single policy, and properties owned by an entity (LLC, etc.) are eligible with premises liability. Other innovative features include short-term rentals (1+ month), a landlord protection package, certified property manager liability coverage and associated discount, a vacancy extension endorsement, dwelling under construction coverage, the ability to write unoccupied dwellings (up to 9 months), and the ability to write coastally, up to the water. Uniquely, equipment breakdown, service line, and identity theft coverages are also available on the dwelling fire line of business.

Allied Trust is committed to fulfilling the promise of being there when policyholders need them the most. The company strongly supports the independent agency system. The company is positioned to be a long-term, stable market for the agents. In addition to  providing superior system ease-of-use, responsive customer service, Allied Trust offers unheralded access to underwriters and management. Along with the current delivery of bundled product solutions including homeowners, boat, and dwelling fire, Allied Trust will soon offer umbrella, flood, condominium, and renters products.

For any questions regarding Allied Trust Insurance, please contact the ATI Marketing Team:

  • Becky Martin (Houston, 281-833-1406)
  • Jennifer Gardner (South and Central Texas, 281-833-1405)
  • Matt Armstrong (Tyler/Longview and East Texas, 813-328-8970).