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Watch the Latest Mornings with Marit Episodes

May 19, 2020
New episodes of Mornings with Marit, the leadership insights webinar series hosted by IIAT President & Executive Director Marit Peters, are available for download online.

In the latest episode, Taking Meaningful Action Requires Courage, Marit discusses how management is not a passive skill set and it requires facing and addressing issues head-on and having the tough conversations. 
  • Are you preparing for decisions you might be making in the new normal? Let’s think through what some of those might be. 
  • How will you handle remote work requests?
  • What will be new policies you might have in place?

Additional recent episodes now available include:

  • The Race is Won on the Turns
    IIAT’s friend and consultant Steve McKee shares his perspective on how to use this time to get ahead.
  • The Idea of a Designed Purpose
    Creative Ventures President Steve Harvill tells you his strategic approach to staying focused on your professional and personal purpose during these strange and stressful times.

Get all the Mornings with Marit webinars on-demand here