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Managing Social Media During A Crisis

Sep 03, 2020

The key to navigating any crisis is to have a plan. The same goes for managing social media.

Have a Plan

The key to navigating any crisis is to have a plan. The same goes for managing social media. During a crisis, create a plan for posting content, engaging with followers, and pivoting your overall social strategy. Consider any changes that could take place and how that would effect the content you post to your social media.

Adjust Your ToneManaging-Social-Media-During-a-Crisis

During a crisis, it's important that the tone of your social media channels are aligned with the severity of the situation. Structure your content to match what's going on around you and be mindful of the language you use in posts.

Schedule Timely Content

Make sure that you are posting timely and relevant content. As the situation changes, change your content. If you're not sure what to post, review what other companies or local state entities are saying on their social channels.

Reevaluate Promotions

During a crisis, it's important to be sensitive to how people are reacting. For any promotional campaigns you had planned, re-evaluate their relevancy to the situation and how followers may respond to them.

Be Flexible

When a crisis hits, things can change in an instant. It's important to be flexible and be open to pivoting your social media strategy as the situation evolves.

Wording is Everything

Remember to be empathetic of the situation and what people may be going through. Make sure that this shines through on your social media as well. Stay human and choose your words carefully.

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