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5 Questions with Catalyit's Steve Anderson

IIAT and several other state independent insurance associations have partnered with Steve Anderson to launch Catalyit, a one-stop shop for independent agents looking for tech guidance and solutions.

We talked to Steve about Catalyit in advance of the site's launch and his presentation at the RISE Virtual Summit, Oct. 7 (9 -10 AM).

What is Catalyit, and why was it created?

Technology has always been an essential part of an agency's success. From the early days of agency management systems starting in the 1980s to needing to learn how to create an effective website to the rise of social platforms, technology for many agencies has been a crucial part of establishing their success.

A handful of agencies forged ahead with technology, but too many were left behind. Several Big I State Association saw the need for helping all of their members with the increasingly rapid expansion of technology options. Each had a strategic initiative to find a way to help their members discover, evaluate, select, and implement a wide variety of technology solutions needed in a successful insurance agency today.

Catalyit™ was created to provide a solution for independent agencies seeking help and information on maximizing their current investment in technology and identifying emerging technologies that they can use to continue to thrive.

Seven Big I state insurance associations partnered with me to create a solution. Each provided significant startup funding to make sure Catalyit™ has a firm foundation.

Why does tech matter - 'agencies aren't tech companies?

Consumer expectations (both personal and commercial) of good service have changed over the last several years. And, the pandemic of 2020 accelerated these changes.

Zoom meetings are commonplace, electronic signatures are now a necessity, a rich agency website is an essential requirement, and text messaging is becoming a primary way to communicate. These are just a few of the trends that picked up speed during the last 18 months.

How can an agency keep up? It's hard enough to keep an agency running efficiently and smoothly to take care of your customers. Your agency is not a tech company. Catalyit™ was created to provide you with the help and support you need so you can "learn from the best." Catalyit™ will help you discover, evaluate, select and implement the best technology solutions for you and your clients' unique needs.

Catalyit™ will help you transform your organization into an agency with a Digital-first mindset. And at the same time, rehumanize your prospect and client engagement.

What's the most powerful aspect of

At Catalyit™, we don't believe in simply throwing information at you and not providing any direction on how to proceed. We don't leave you to figure out the technology landscape on your own. We've created the Catalyit Success Journey™ to provide you with a step-by-step process to make sure you know how to build a Beyond Agency.

The Catalyit Success Journey™ starts with an agency assessment that helps you and the Catalyit™ team know where you are in your technology development journey. From this foundation, we will work with you to create a roadmap for your agency.

Other parts of the Catalyit™ platform include:

  1. Agency Assessment – creating a firm foundation
  2. Solution Provider Selection Process – We have gathered detailed information on over 70 different solution providers (and the list is growing). We have grouped solution providers into 15 different technology categories. This allows agency owners to have a single source for finding information about a solution provider, platform, or tool. The goal is to streamline the process of an agency discovering solution providers that they might be interested in engaging and having detailed information at their fingertips.
  3. Curated Community – The place for you to go to get answers and advice for your most pressing problems and questions.
  4. Live & On-Demand Training – 2 times a month, you can participate in video training calls on various topics. It is also where you can ask your questions and receive live feedback.
  5. Customized Consulting – for those who want a more individualized approach, we have limited availability for 1 to 1 consulting.

If an agency can only upgrade one thing, what should it be?

The one area you should focus on immediately is to maximize the use of your agency management system. Your AMS is a foundational technology tool that impacts every aspect of your agency's short-term and long-term goals. The more you can maximize what you and your staff use, the faster you can transform your agency into a digital-focused agency and engage with and retain your existing new customers.

Bonus: Do subscribers really get a swag box?

The entire Catalyit™ team is focused on your success. This means "eating our own dog food." We create processes and procedures to support the mindset we want you to instill in your agency team. One aspect is creating an exceptional onboarding experience (just like you should). And, yes, when you sign up as a subscriber to Catalyit™, you will get a box of "goodies."

For more information about Catalyit™ and to keep up-to-date with its progress, be sure to go to and click the button to get on the list.

What’s Next? Tech Trends that Will Transform Insurance and Your Agency

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