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Announcing the Producer Development Program

What does it take to be successful in our industry?

The answer to that question is at the heart of IIAT’s new Producer Development Program. The in-person, in-depth, three-week program is designed specifically for new producers and insurance agency staff who want to improve their sales skills. The first program starts the week of October 11 in Austin.

A formula that is often used to summarize sales success is SKA = R, where S = Skills, K = Knowledge and A = Activities. When exercised correctly, they lead to R, which is Results. Many times, salespeople interpret the “knowledge” factor to mean product knowledge, or familiarity with policy coverages, only. While it is very important to know how the products you offer can solve customers’ problems, there is much more a successful producer should know as part of the sales equation.

IIAT’s new Producer Development Program emphasizes the importance of knowing your customers and their businesses. It’s essential to uncover what is important to them as a person or an organization. What are their goals and dreams, or what keeps them up at night? By learning the motivations of your customers, you can position yourself as a “problem solver,” rather than a “product peddler.” When you understand your customers and can be a trusted resource to them, you have an advantage over the agents who approach prospects simply asking for permission to bid on their business.

During the Producer Development Program, students learn how to build customer relationships and how to create a systematic approach for both Personal Lines and Commercial Lines prospects.

The program will cover:

  • Insurance Sales Techniques and Sales Systems
  • Appointment Setting
  • Marketing & Selling Personal Lines
  • Marketing & Selling Commercial Lines
  • Transitioning From Different Lines of Business
  • Creating cross-selling opportunities,
  • Time Management
  • Leveraging Natural Talents in Your Personal Sales Process
  • Accountability Check-in for 6-Months

The Producer Development Program is NOT a lecture-based instructional program. It is highly interactive, and students will learn valuable concepts through guided exercises and collaboration. Students will leave the class with the skills it takes to be a successful producer in the insurance industry.

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Kier Lewis

Education Coordinator
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Felicia Rodriguez

Education & Programs Manager