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Down to the Wire: Help Us Reach Our IMPACT Goal!

We launched the 2022 IMPACT campaign in January at the Joe Vincent Management Seminar and have pushed hard to reach our fundraising goal the last three months. We’re ahead of pace but we're still “all gas, no brakes” as we head into INSURCON.

How the numbers stack up.
During last year's IMPACT campaign, about 650 members donated nearly $235,000 to IMPACT. From January to May 2021, 331 members gave $125,000. June is typically the biggest month for IMPACT fundraising. Last year, 310 donors gave $109,000 in June.

This year, from January to May 2022, 421 IIAT members have donated almost $152,000. If we can replicate our numbers from last June, we’d end up with more than 730 members raising over $260,000! That would put us over our $250,000 goal and more importantly, it would reflect a 14% increase in members donating to IMPACT.

Final push!
We have more than 11,000 agent members and only a very small percentage (6% last year) contribute to IMPACT. Last month we asked those who have never contributed to donate $125 in honor of IIAT’s 125th birthday. Today our ask is simple – give what you can. Whether it's $20, $50 or $100; any amount will help make an impact when it comes to supporting your livelihood.

Help amplify the message.
For those of you have already given – thank you! We have one more ask of you: please take a few minutes to amplify this message to others in your agency who have not yet given. Hearing why you give is a significantly stronger message and your colleagues need to know giving is important and why.

Make an IMPACT

Help IIAT’s Government Affairs team build and maintain strong relationships with politicians who write and pass these bills.


Contact Regan Ellmer at 512.493.2454.

NOTE: The Texas Ethics Commission has strict prohibitions on contributions and expenditures and forbids a corporation or labor organization from making a political contribution or political expenditure. Therefore, IIAT members wishing to make a contribution to IMPACT must do so with a personal or partnership contribution. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.

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Regan Ellmer

Director of Government Affairs