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Ensure Your Home-Based Business Owner Clients Are Adequately Covered

Did you know that home-based businesses account for about fifty percent of all businesses in the United States?

Whether your customers have established home-based businesses or are just starting out on their own, it’s important to ensure their assets – and livelihoods – are protected with a home business insurance policy from RLI.

Many home business owners are unaware that typical homeowners or auto insurance policies don’t provide adequate coverage for a home business.

For instance, say a power surge damages your customer’s computer that houses all their client orders and invoices. Or their groceries spill onto the inventory they’re transporting in the truck of their car. Or worse yet, they have business equipment stolen from their home office.

In many cases, incidents like these are usually excluded from a homeowners policy. In fact, most homeowners and renters policies don’t cover liability or damage to property from business activities. Which is where home business insurance from RLI comes in.

An RLI Home Business Insurance Policy provides coverage that caters to home businesses and the unique challenges they face.

RLI covers more than 140 classes of home-based businesses. With liability limits up to $1 million, business property protection up to $100,000 with a $250 deductible, you can offer your customers valuable coverage at affordable rates.

Both an RLI Personal Umbrella Policy and Home Business Insurance coverages are available through select agents and program administrators.

To learn more about RLI’s Personal Umbrella and Home Business Insurance policies, contact Connie Gomez, RLI Account Manager at IIAT.

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