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IMPACT (Sort Of, Kind Of) Makes History

We’ve made history!
It’s like we just beat the Russians to space, or landed on the moon all over again! I'm thrilled to report that we shattered our $230,000 fundraising goal for IMPACT. In doing so, we had more donors give to IMPACT than in recent years, and more first-time donors than EVER before!

Here are the IMPACT totals so far:

  • $254,165 raised
  • 746 individual donations (some folks donated more than once)
  • 195 first-time donors
  • 28 members on the IMPACT Leaderboard (gave $2,000 or more)
  • 9 IMPACT Influencer Agencies (100% of the staff give)
  • 8 honorable mention IMPACT Influencer Agencies (not quite 100% but close)

The reason these are totals “so far” is for two reasons:

  1. Per state law – any money donated to IMPACT in 2023 must be counted in this calendar year and there are still several members who have committed to giving, but their own inner-office IMPACT campaign push hasn’t yet happened.
  2. If you’d still like to get in on this RECORD SETTING year, there’s still time to do so!

When INSURCON wraps, we generally stop fundraising for IMPACT. But, if you’ve given in the past and thought you did this year but haven’t, or if you just feel like joining the first-timers list or the IMPACT Leaderboard, there’s still time!

For more information or to donate, visit You can also donate on Venmo at @IIAT-IMPACT.


“It's vital to our industry to give to IMPACT. That is why we encourage all our team to contribute. The state political process is something that affects our entire organization. Even the smallest donation can help.”“ Frank Swingle, Swingle Collins & Associates

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