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Important Changes to the Wingman Cyber Program

There’s a constant battle being fought over your data between cyber criminals and cyber security providers. The cyber security experts at Wingman are on the frontlines, keeping their clients protected against cyber crime.

Wingman has identified three key measures that help organizations resist and recover from cyber crime:

  1. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for remote access. Wingman recommends singing-up for Multi-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365. Learn more.
  2. Back-up data to the cloud. Wingman has partnered with iDrive for an affordable and advanced back-up solution. Learn more.
  3. Confirm that you can recover all business-critical data and systems within 10 days.

Because Wingman believes so strongly in these measures, they are making them requirements for their upcoming renewals. In fact, most major cyber providers are making MFA a requirement, and in many cases, stricter cyber safety measures are being required to obtain cyber coverage.

E&O Considerations: Recommendations from the Advantage E&O Team

  • Start the cyber renewal process early, particularly if a renewal application is necessary, or if modifications to your IT processes are required.
  • Ask your cyber provider for help in areas that need clarification.

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Get Cyber Liability Coverage for you and your clients.

Wingman provides an easy online application, a fully-automated policy issuance and online direct bill payment process.

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