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Important Updates to RLI Personal Umbrella Forms

RLI recently announced that updated coverage forms, applications and declarations for both new and renewal business are approved and ready to be implemented in nearly all states, including Texas, effective July 1, 2022.

These updates have been made to clarify RLI's intent where real-life claims examples or changes in the insurance landscape have surfaced.

Important Updates

  • All documents related to the issuance of RLI's stand-alone personal umbrella policy have changed in the approved states, including:
    • New and renewal applications;
    • New and renewal declarations pages;
    • State amendatory endorsements (where applicable); and
    • Excess Un/Underinsured Motorist coverage endorsements (when purchased)
  • All policy forms approved for use are located in the RLI producer portal. To view, simply click under the Forms tab for Personal Umbrella. Any policy quoted and issued with a 7/1/22 or later effective date will have the updated forms applied automatically in the approved states
  • RLI will provide a detailed policyholder notice (PUP295) to clients with the renewal questionnaire packet in all states except the non-approved states: DC, FL, MA, NJ, NY and VT.

  • Due to the changes in policy provisions, RLI will begin sending a full copy of the policy to each insured at their policy renewal for one year. As always, all policy forms are available in the PUP Access system.

Important information regarding new business applications versions

RLI is no longer able to accept the PUP276 (10/17) version of the new business application in all approved states, including Texas, for new business with a 7/1/22 or later effective date. Please only print an application from an active quote in the PUP Access system. This will automatically provide the correct version based on your quoted effective date.

Personal Umbrella reference documents for business effective 7/1/22 and later:

PUP276 (01/22)

PUP 295


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