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Introducing SALT - the Faster, Easier and Smarter Way to Write New Business

IIAT is excited to introduce members to SALT, a cutting-edge insurtech solution that makes accepting digital applications simple, so you can finally cut down on cocktail napkin submissions and 45-minute phone calls. SALT offers agents a better way to connect with the younger generation of home and auto insurance buyers. Millennials have represented the largest home buyer age group since 2014 and are the least likely group to apply for insurance over the phone.

It’s time for independent agents to modernize their sales processes to compete with captive agents and direct-to-consumer carriers. SALT is the solution to provide a faster, easier, and smarter way to close home and auto insurance sales.

How SALT can help

  • 24/7 access making it easier to do business with you — No appointments necessary.

  • Sync prospect data directly to your comparative rater. A zero-touch submission process for your agency.

  • Mobile Friendly User Experience. Your prospects can enjoy completing an insurance application from their sofa and on their phone.

  • Complete submissions — fully integrated with big data so no more back and forth emails, calls or texts.

  • Customized Marketing Links — Whether it’s a trusted referral source, a producer, or a social media campaign - you can effortlessly track where your new business is coming from.

  • Coverage recommendations designed by you to help your prospects make smarter decisions.

See SALT at the Joe Vincent Seminar!

Stop by the InsurTech Innovation Lab on Monday, January 31st, 1-5:30 p.m., to learn how SALT can help you sell home and auto insurance in a faster, easier and smarter way!

Get 40% off your first year.

The digital insurance experience agents need & customer expect.

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