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IIAT Endorses SALT

IIAT is excited to endorse SALT, an InsurTech solution that provides a faster, easier, and smarter way to close home and auto insurance sales.

Add a little SALT to your agency!

  • Reach millennial prospects.
    SALT makes it outrageously easy to complete an application on a phone, on a sofa, and at any time of day!
  • Speed up the time it takes to quote and close Home and Auto leads.
    SALT uses big data and seamless rater integrations to give you your time back!
  • Offer your Referral Partners a super simple way to send you business.
    SALT gives you a smart way to connect with and track your referral business!

Get 40% off your first year.

The digital insurance experience agents need & customer expect.

Start Today!

How SALT can help

  • 24/7 access making it easier to do business with you — No appointments necessary.

  • Sync prospect data directly to your comparative rater. A zero-touch submission process for your agency.

  • Mobile Friendly User Experience. Your prospects can enjoy completing an insurance application from their sofa and on their phone.

  • Complete submissions — fully integrated with big data so no more back and forth emails, calls or texts.

  • Customized Marketing Links — Whether it’s a trusted referral source, a producer, or a social media campaign - you can effortlessly track where your new business is coming from.

  • Coverage recommendations designed by you to help your prospects make smarter decisions.

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