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New Customer Experience Webinar Series: Digital Solutions and the CX Lifecycle

The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) and supporting ACT member, SimplePin, are teaming up for a three-part webinar series designed to help your members give clients the best possible customer experience (CX).

The journey customers take can be broken into six simple steps: discover, evaluate, purchase, experience, renew, and refer. Join us as we break these steps down to show members easy ways that implementing simple technologies can make all the difference.

On July 13 at 1 p.m. ET, Part One will delve into the discover and evaluate stages. This first session will deliver insights and action steps that members can apply to ensure their agency's digital presence is found and favorably viewed by potential customers.

Learn what it means to have a robust website that meets the expectations of today's consumers. Hear ways digital marketing can become part of your overall strategy. This and much more will be discussed by our panel of industry experts.