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New Video Highlights Big ‘I’ Advocacy

Last week, the Big “I" released a new video featuring Jill Roth, Big “I" member and executive vice president of marketing at Ahart, Frinzi & Smith in Alexandria, Virginia, highlighting the many ways that the Big “I" advocates for its members.

As one of the most recognizable names in Washington, D.C., the Big “I" has lobbyists who have been named among the most influential forces in insurance and U.S business year after year.

However, Big “I" advocacy doesn't end on Capitol Hill. In the three-minute video, which also features executives from Progressive and ACORD, Roth also highlights Big “I" legal advocacy, which reviews agency-carrier contracts, represents agent interest in all-important agency-carrier partnerships, and ensures association logo trademarks are up to date, “so Big 'I' members can show them off with confidence," Roth says.

The Big “I" also advocates for Big “I" members in the media. From representing independent agents on major national news networks to Trusted Choice® advertising campaigns—the most recent of which aired during the MLB World Series—the Big “I" ensures consumers all over America understand the value of independent insurance agents.

Roth also recognized the efforts of the Big “I" in advocating for young agents. “The Big “I" has provided me with valuable tools throughout my career," Roth says, which are “going to catapult me forward to become the best independent agent that I could possibly be in this industry."

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Regan Ellmer

Director of Government Affairs