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Play Ball: Trusted Choice® Partners with MLB

Trusted Choice is going big this summer and fall with a new national campaign, “Home Field Advantage," tying in with America's favorite pastime on the MLB Network. Hall of Fame former pitcher John Smoltz helps Trusted Choice® bring the value of independent agents to life, highlighting the importance of the home field advantage in both baseball and insurance.

With his 22 seasons in major league baseball, Smoltz understands the benefit of knowing the nuances of a ballfield and equates it to how agents bring local knowledge and understanding to their clients.

“Trusted Choice independent insurance agents live and work where you do," Smoltz explains in the commercial. “So they understand the local playing field. And they'll always have your back."

The commercial illustrates both the knowledge independent agents have of insurance solutions, plus how they understand the specific needs of the local market. And the ad uses real agents from New York and New Jersey, seen in the ad coaching and cheering a youth baseball team.

The commercial will air starting in mid-August and runs through November, covering the playoffs and the World Series and reaching over 5 million consumers via TV, streaming and digital channels. Catch the commercial on MLB Network or MLB.TV.

Please direct all questions about this partnership to Kelley Smith at Trusted Choice.

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